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Why Local?

    "As the world seems more and more fast paced and we can communicate and trade with anyone in the world, some people may wonder why choosing locally sourced food or locally owned businesses is the best way to go.  There are actually a few reasons....

    -By choosing to spend your money at a locally owned business you are feeding back into your own local economy.  The local person that owns the business will then pay their taxes and spend their money in your community which will increase the overall revenue of your city.  This creates better schools, roads, etc for your local community! 


    -When purchasing items from somewhere close to home and when that business sources things from your community you are reducing your overall carbon footprint.  Less gas and energy was used to get that item from its original source to your home!


    -Lastly, and I think the most important, is when you choose to eat/buy local you have the benefit of being able to have more knowledge and ask more questions about what you're eating, where it came from, etc. I think a comradery can be formed between you and your local business that you just can't find at national chains."

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