Deli Sandwiches


The Classic ($3.95)

-Ham or Turkey with cheese

Californiacation (Veg)

-Avocado spread, provolone, tomato,
lettuce, red onion, aioli

Chicken Salad

Housemade with spring mix


-bacon, lettuce, tomato, Avocado Spread, aioli

Kids Pack  ($5.95)

Grilled Cheese sandwich OR Plain Jane (ham or turkey) served with fruit or chips and small drink


Ham & Cheese

-Ham, white cheddar, ground mustard

Grilled Cheese Extreme

-Provolone, white cheddar, parmesan, herb aioli and roasted tomato spread

Tuscan Chicken

-Chicken,  roasted tomato spread, provolone, red onion, 

herb aioli

Chicken Artichoke

-Chicken, artichoke, provolone, oregano, aioli 

Little Italy

-Salami, ham, pepperoni, provolone, lettuce, roasted tomato spread, red onion spread, oregano and aioli

Buffalo Chicken

-Chicken, mozzarella, buffalo sauce and lettuce

Turkey Club

-Turkey, bacon, aioli, spinach, tomato, cheddar cheese

Garden Melt (Veg)

-Spinach, artichoke, provolone, roasted tomato spread, herb aioli